TriMetrix DNA – Talent

TriMetrix DNA - Talent

Research has proven that job-related talents are directly related to job satisfaction and personal performance. People are well positioned to achieve success when they are engaged in work suited to their inherent skills, behavioral style and unique values. Your TriMetrix® DNA Talent Report can be compared with specific job requirements outlined in the TriMetrix® DNA Job Report. When the talent required by the job is clearly defined and in turn matched to the individual, everyone wins!

The following is a highly-personalized portrait of your talent in three main sections:

Competencies Hierarchy (23 Areas)

This section presents 23 key competencies and ranks them from top to bottom, defining your major strengths. The skills at the top highlight well-developed capabilities and reveal where you are naturally most effective in focusing your time.

Motivators Hierarchy (6 Areas)

This section identifies what motivates you. In order to be successful and energized on the job, it is important that your underlying values are satisfied through the nature of your work. When they are, you feel personally rewarded by your work.

Behavioral Hierarchy (12 Areas)

This section ranks the traits that most closely describe your natural behavior. When your job requires the use of your top behavioral traits, your potential for success increases, as do your levels of personal and professional satisfaction.

Summary of Top Competencies

This section provides detail on your top seven competencies. Apply your strongest competencies to your job as appropriate and develop further competencies as required.

Motivators Feedback

This section expands on three areas that you value most. When your job emphasizes what you value, you will feel personally rewarded.

Behavioral Feedback

This section gives you insight into your top three behavioral traits to further identify your unique strengths.

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