Workplace Behaviour

Workplace Behaviour

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Jobs today are forever changing and people have to adapt to these changes at a faster rate than ever before. The changes may be the job skills needed, the working environment, the technical skills needed or simply the way in which the job needs to be done. Jobs are also becoming more complex. One job description today may encompass the duties of three or four jobs ten years ago. Therefore people in the positions need to be able to perform a variety of functions that call for different ways of getting things done.

The TTI Success Insights Workplace Behaviors report is designed to give an overview of how the job needs to be done. This will allow an organization to determine the type of individual that would be most successful in a given position. Some jobs require the incumbent to be all things to all people. This can cause extreme stress for an individual. Often times, an organization can reevaluate the position in order to make it more realistic for one person to perform successfully. Doing so will lead to increased retention, productivity and job satisfaction.
As you read through this report, remember to think of the job, not the person!

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